I met “Sincere” on a crowded A train. I was sixteen and he was twenty-three. His gold caps, shearling jacket and 40 below Timberland boots gave me a immediate tingle. We eye fucked each other until I reached my stop on West 4th street. As I exited the train he grabbed me by the sleeve of my coat and softly yanked me back onto the train.
“You’re not getting off of this train until you give me your number.”

I should have been turned off by his abruptness but I was young, dumb and full of cum…his aggressiveness turned me on. I gave him my number and got off at the next stop. As the door closed he screamed out,
“Call me tonight shorty.”
After a week of sneaking out to the corner to call him on the payphone I agreed to go to the movies with him. Sincere tried to warn me,

“I’m always strapped so we need to go to a theater that doesn’t have any metal detectors.” Red flag number 2. Of course I blindly ignored it.

The entire train ride he’s kicking all kind of game to me. He has his own apartment. He works part time but hustles on the side, He wants to lavish me with gifts and open a bank account for just for me. Man I ate all of his shit up, Sincere had me hooked line and sinker. At 6’4 250lbs he towered over me. His frame was intimidating and intoxicating. I felt safe, protected. He was nothing like the HS guys that I was use to dating. We get to downtown Brooklyn and this guy is like the mayor, he knows everyone. It took us almost 20 minutes to walk from the exit of the subway to the movie theater because he kept stopping every five minutes to give someone he knew a pound, dap or handshake. Sincere was God! The rough neck shit had my pussy walls leaking. We get to the front of the theater and I am all smiles. Sincere grabs the belt loop of my Levis and slams me back towards his chest. Grabbing me by my neck he begins to choke me…all of this in the street. Petrified, I leak a little pee. This nigga is going to kill me and nobody knows where the hell I’m at. I like em rough but this was next level.

Relaxing his grip he begins to whisper in my ear, “Bitch, you belong to me now. This pussy is mine and I will kill anyone who tries to stop me from having it. Nod your head if you understand.”

I nodded my head and he playfully slapped me on the ass while releasing me. My mind began to race as I adjusted my hemmed up jacket. How in the hell am I going to get away from him? Instantly he was back to his jovial self.

“Now give me a kiss and smile. Stop looking so scared, shorty. You know I was only playing with you.”

Stepping up on the tips of my toes I obliged and gave him a kiss on the lips. His breath smelled like a mixture of big red gum and ass. Forcing a smile on my face I grabbed his hand and put on an Oscar worthy performance while he paid for our tickets and ushered me up up the stairs to the back row of seats. Sincere eyes began to lustfully roam all over me. I knew once the lights went out I would not be able to stop him.

“Baby I have to pee. I’m going to run to the bathroom real quick before the movie starts.” Sincere raised his eyebrow at me and yanked me out of my seat, spilling the popcorn and the soda that he had just purchased.

“I’ll walk you to the bathroom then. Let’s go.”
We head to the bathroom and he runs into another friend. Sincere introduces me as his “wifey” and pulls me closer. These Brooklyn dudes must be raised by warriors in wolf packs because his friend was equally as boisterous and dangerous looking.

Hopping up and down I start to do the pee- pee dance.
“Babe I really have to go. Please can I go to the bathroom. I promise I will be right back?”

Sincere’s friend starts to laugh and chimes in.

“I know you keep your bitches on a tight rope but let shorty go to the bathroom. She ain’t going nowhere Sin. Let shorty rock. Go head shorty go pee.”

Sincere give me a hard look and then reluctantly agreed, “Yeah you right. Shorty shook. She’s not going anywhere.”

Releasing my arm he turns his back… I took off like the road runner. Mind you I’m running in construction Timberlands and tight jeans. I have never in my life ran that fast. I was jumping eight steps at a time, landing on my feet like I was The Hulk. I could actually hear his friend cracking jokes while trying to keep up with me. Bolting through the doors of the movie theater I ran through the crowded streets and jumped on a bus. I can’t even tell you the number of the bus. I pleaded with the bus driver and told him that I was being chased and this man was going to kill me. The driver slammed the doors, and began to pull off. “Get on the floor and hide young lady. I won’t open these doors until we are a couple of blocks from the train station.” Laying on the floor with tears in my eyes I promised myself that I would never go against my instincts again.

I made it home in one piece that night. I bet you’re wondering if I ever saw Sincere again?

Stay tuned…

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