We all know that one person who just always seems to be in some kind of despair. The dog died, the cat died, my woman left me, my back hurt, I just need someone to love me, etc. This person could have a roof over their head and food in the refrigerator but yet and still will find something to complain about. Life has taught me that happiness is a choice. Happiness starts with gratitude. Gratitude for the small things. Gratitude for the here and now. Genuine gratefulness will ground you. People are too caught up in wanting everything else that everyone else has. Too caught up in looking for greener grass instead of figuring out how to fix and water their own.

I attended an off Broadway play last night. After the play was over there was a panel discussion. As I sat there and listened to the discussion I started reading through the Authors bio. I said to myself, “Wow it takes so much time to become successful. So much trial and error to get to where you really want to be in life”. Disappointment started to settle in. I had to remind myself that God states that life is never easy but he promises to always be there. I also had to remind myself that anything worth having always takes a lot of work. In order to survive and thrive we have to be able to shift our thoughts that quickly. You have to be able to see the same glass of water that is half empty as a glass of water that is close to being full.

Happiness is a inside job. You have to consistently do the work. When you see people who walk around with light shoulders and smiling faces trust and believe that person did some hard digging and some tough inner work. Not happy with yourself or your life? Be brave and candid enough to ask yourself why not? When you find the answer work at it day by day. You will find that when you are brutally honest with yourself you will realize that some of the mistakes you have made are caused by faults of our very own. The bright side of this realization is there will always be a gift or lesson of some sort behind this very mistake. The key is learning the lesson and moving on from it. A lot of people continue the same pattern and dig themselves even deeper into a pit. Learn how to get off the ride and go around it. You can’t expect a new result if you continue on with the same pattern.

Be very leery of a habitual unhappy person. Feed that person with a long-handed spoon. Happiness is obtainable when you start searching for it inside of yourself.

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