When I started the transition from Officer to Author it was EXTREMELY hard!
It’s still hard!!
You get slapped with a ton of “No’s” before a door cracks open with a small “Yes”.  But you keep pushing.
Push past the people who call you crazy for dreaming too big.
Push past your own inner doubt that wonders if you’re indeed actually bat shit crazy for jumping into a world you know nothing about.
And push past the days when your dog tired, overwhelmed and out of spiritual gas. These days are the hardest. These are the days where you take your cape off put it on the back of a chair, give it to God and take your behind to sleep. No worries. Just a good nights rest because some things are just out of your hands.
Dreams don’t happen overnight. It takes unshakable will power with a large cup of commitment and a huge slice of faith.
Doors are being opened without me having to push as hard as I had to in the beginning. For that I am grateful. Taking my cape off for the night and kicking my heels up.

She believed she could so she did…

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