True Capricorn

I’m a true Capricorn woman. I like check off lists, structure, routine and stability. I’m like an old car I require a warm up before my engine kicks off strong. My get highs are quiet corners where I can think deep about my own private thoughts. Believe it or not I am extremely shy.
This new chapter in my life is the complete opposite. It requires spur of the moment risks, taking leaps into the unknown, walking into territories that I don’t feel I am prepared for. I have to stand out, be approachable, charming and on point all of the time.
All of this has my anxiety on 8.5.

Life is a constant evolution. Re-training a person who takes pleasure in normalcy to become more fluid is challenging but in the end I’m sure it will be well worth it.

About The Author

Hope McGill grew up in New York City’s famed neighborhood of Harlem. She began writing at the age of sixteen, but her love of literature began as a child. Reading has always been a means of escape for her. Curling up with a good book helped her to explore the world and meet fascinating people. As she grew older, her appetite for reading grew immensely and the books became more diverse. She began to read books such as, J. California Cooper’s, Life Is Short but Wide, Treasure E Blue’s, Harlem Girl Lost, Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild, as well as the classic, Manchild In The Promised Land by Claude Brown.