My trainer suggested that I write in a daily journal to capture my experience.  This is how our conversation went down today:

Him- “You write books right? Well this will be the best book ever.  Your transformation is going to be great! You’re gonna enjoy working out soon.”
Me- “The hell I won’t. I hate this shit! I hate it every day but I also know that anything worth having in life takes work.”
Him- “You’re going to motivate people (While raising the speed on the treadmill).
Me- (Eyes bulging)
Him- (laughing) “Mark my words. There’s a big difference between a dinosaur and a puppy. You really want this and your ready.”
I have to point out a few things:
1. There is no quick fix to losing weight.  
2. There is no quick fix to emotional eating.
3. Those teas and pills don’t work and they’re extremely DANGEROUS.
4. Wrapping your belly in those bands WILL not flatten your tummy.  But it might fuck up your intestines and it is highly uncomfortable.  I would rather let my stomach hang.  My ass, vagina and everything else down there needs to breathe.  Ya’ll can keep that!
5.  Even if you decide to have weight loss surgery you still have to drastically change your entire outlook on life.
6. Weight loss surgery is not a cheat.  It has saved lives.  I’ve debated off and on for year’s about this option.  Although I have chosen to take an alternate route I would never condemn anyone for their personal choice.   If you have never been obese please don’t judge because you have never walked in our shoes.
 The bottom line is when you get tired of being tired…your life will change.
Well I got tired of being tired.
So let’s rock! 
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