A couple of day’s ago I started scrolling through and an old email account. Out of curiosity I started to re-read some of my “sent” messages. Boy oh boy was that a trip down memory lane. By the time I reached the year 2009 I was ready to toss my entire lap top out the window. Back then I was in a rush, moving in circles, going nowhere fast. The perfect recipe for a mental disaster; a splash of substance, a sprinkle of depth mixed in with a tsunami of I’m not worthy until I complete my goals.

I wish that I would’ve been able to tell myself.

Be still.
Just breathe.
Trust the process.
Even on your worst days you’re enough.
And the most important one of all… Be here now.

I was consumed with a endless slew of shit that I thought I needed in order to finally accept my true self. It took me a very long time before I realized the true power of loving and accepting the here and now. This new movement that I am about to share with you all is powerful. My second book

“Pearls Part II The Rocky Oliver Story”

shines light on the importance of embracing your inner self IN THE NOW. Wait until I show you how powerful mirrors can be.

In the meantime if you find that you are on a road that just seems to go in endless circles. Stand still, face yourself, make adjustments if necessary and know that you are more than enough where ever you are right now.

Be here now!

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