They say the  first 30 days of any kind of change is always the hardest.  When I walked into Sparta gym about a month ago I honestly didn’t know what to expect.   I was afraid, unsure and leery.  Willpower, a great support system and a top notch trainer has been my saving grace.  (Shout to Sparta Gym in Westbury Long Island.  The people there are so supportive!!)

Here is a list of things that have changed in just 30 days:

-Chronic back pain is gone.

-Headaches and dizzy spells are gone.

-I sleep all night.

-I have more energy.

-I am no longer on any kind of medication.

-I can walk up to the 3rd floor of my apartment building without feeling like I am about to collapse.

-My urine is cleaner (yucky..I know).

-I’m getting stronger, physically and mentally.

-It’s becoming a lot easier to resist temptation.

-I move around a lot faster.

-I laugh a little longer and smile a lot harder because I am proud of myself.



This week I’ve graduated to cardio twice a day.  Yes that’s right..Cardio in the morning at the gym and then  10 minutes when I come home at night. Oh happy day!  (Insert WTF face).

Out door cardio in the park is up next…Yay!! (Insert sarcastic face).

All jokes aside I am blessed.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”



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