Slyce: Brothers and Sistah’s, please welcome our Sistah Hope McGill to “The Interrogation Room” !! Welcome my Sistah 🙂 You ready?

HM: Allow me to introduce myself. Hello everyone my name is Hope McGill I am brand spanking new to the literary world. My first published short story “Pearls” is a hot and steamy fast read. Take a look at the Short trailer:

Slyce: What inspired you to become an Author?

HM: I always loved to read. A good story will help you to escape any kind of pain. I started writing professionally because I wanted to see more women of my size as main characters. I wanted to see different shades of brown. Characters that are grown and sexy yet still perfectly imperfect.

Slyce: What is the name of your publishing company?

HM: Ronald Anthony Publishing Company. Named after my late Father and Uncle, both whom were extremely motivational for me.

Slyce: In what genre do you write?

HM: Erotica and romance are my favorites. I love to create intense, tantalizing scenes. It’s a total rush for me when a reader says that they could smell the scents, or felt like they were actually sitting inside of the room.

Slyce: Have you ever penned under another name?

HM: No. But you can search for me as Hope McGill or Hopethenovelist they will both come up as the same.


Slyce: You wrote a book titled “Pearls” – what was this book about ?

HM: Victor Scott is a successful sexy bachelor from Harlem. Particular about who he welcomes into his world he keeps most at bay. A relaxing night and an open window lead to an unexpected interest in his seductive, voluptuous neighbor.
Allured by her confidence and delightful proportions Pearl is everything that Victor desires.
Does he settle forever being a voyeur? Or does the voyeur become the one who is being watched?


“She emerged from her kitchen, crossing in front of the windows, with a goblet of wine in hand. Victor cracked his neck, anxious for her next move. Secretly, he had been watching her for months now. Stumbling in late after a long night of partying, he was on his way to the kitchen, when he caught a glimpse of her in her living room completely naked, painting. Her free-spirited nudity captivated him. “She” was his Pearl, the nickname he had given her. The pearl necklace she wore faithfully, always hung loosely from her neck. A voluptuous, caramel beauty, she had the air of a regal African goddess. Mango-sized breasts hung naturally to her plump, round stomach. The deep arch in her back made her ass stand out as a prized stallion’s would. Victor loved to watch her ass jiggle loosely, as she casually walked around her apartment in the buff. He wanted to rub his hands across the stretch marks on each side of her hips. It was more than just the visual of her rust-colored, large areolas, or the plump vagina in between her legs. The passion and intensity displayed on her face, while she would sit in front of the easel and paint turned him on. Completely smitten by her, she was everything that he wanted in a woman and then some.”

PEARLS is a short, quick read guaranteed to pull you in by the collar for more. This short story is raw, real and edgy, definitely not for the faint at heart.

Slyce: Where can our viewers purchase this book?

HM: Books can be purchased directly from my website Each book comes Autographed with a free book mark.


Kindle readers please feel free to check out the reviews for yourself. Available for immediate download on Kindle for .99…/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm…

Slyce: What tools have you found most useful in distributing your material?

HM: Honestly word of mouth. I get out there and meet the people. I have sold books from the back of my car, done events in lounges, hotels. I will set up shop any where. I try my best to hold small conversations, get feedback and talk to everyone. My personality does the selling. Readers love an Author is sincere and approachable.

Slyce: What does the term building a brand mean?

HM: Your brand is like a fingertip, it touches everything that you do. Branding yourself is important in any business.

Slyce: How important are interviews?

HM: Interviews are very important. I enjoy the interaction with a good Interviewer. For me as a reader I always enjoyed the background story on my favorite Authors. I try to give that same energy back.

Slyce: How important are reviews?


Slyce: Name three Authors You’d love to work with?

HM: Pepper Pace, The late J California Cooper and Treasure E Blue.

Slyce: What goals do you wish to achieve as an Author?

HM: I really want to shine a positive light on women of all shades and different sizes. I am tired of reading about characters who have perfect hair, perfect shape, perfect everything. As a Author I am going to bring characters who are perfectly imperfect. It’s time to shine some light on people that are true to size. I would also love to work with young women, women in general on positive body image. Acceptance for the person you are is big for me.

Slyce: What advice can you offer to those aspiring to become an Author?

HM: Do your research, take your time, do not rush your project.

Slyce: I’d like to thank guest Author Hope McGill for joining us in “The Interrogation Room” !! Thank you my Sistah 🙂 You were wonderful !!

Everyone please go purchase “Pearls” by Hope McGill.


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