“She Knows”

Tears streamed down my face as I gripped the headboard and glanced over my shoulder.  Mello yoked the back of my neck, slowly entering me.

“Ahhhh” we both moaned simultaneously.  That first stroke was always the beginning of my surrender.  His penis slid inside of me perfectly like a skeleton key.   That first stroke after so many decades apart would tie us together forever.

I was raised on South Oxford street.  Mello grew up in Fort Greene.  It started off with him staring me down then quickly escalated into him pulling me into secluded alleys with my legs spread eagle while he finger popped me.  I wanted him badly but he stood firm and promised me that we would wait until I turned sixteen.  When Mello received double digit years for Manslaughter, my world turned upside down. I wrote letters at first and visited occasionally but the long bus rides and empty promises became too much.  Reluctantly I moved on.

All of that changed about a year ago when he knocked on my front door.   I dropped everything and welcomed him back into my world with open arms.  Fucked his brains out in my vestibule and sucked his soul out.  Handed my heart over him to a silver platter without any hesitation.  When we climaxed together he kissed me on the forehead and grunted his truth.

“I love you so much.  I’m sorry baby…I got married”.

Everyone tells me that was my exit to go, to me it was an open opportunity.  Romello is the love of my life and I was completely content with being whatever he needed me to be.  No woman or piece of paper would change that.  I played my position and respected his marriage.  I would never step out of line or make any calls to her.  Her well being mattered to me.  I knew that he loved his wife to the best of his abilities but our love was carnal, explosive and addictive we couldn’t stay away from each other even if we tried to.  My children adored him.  We vacationed together as a family when he had “Free time”.  He even had his own set of keys.   Our love for each other flourished.


Tonight’s rendezvous was no different.   Mello pulled his thick penis out and squeezed the tip of the head.

“Your so wet Keema.  Jesus you’re so wet.”

I pressed my face into the mattress, arching my ass higher into the air hoping he would take the bait and enter me again.

Mello stuck his middle finger in my ass while filling my other other hole warm up with his cock.   Getting fucked in two holes drove me to insane levels of sexual bliss.  Glazed with my cream Mello stuck his penis into my anus and bit down on his bottom lip.  He was going to make me cum out of my ass this time.

“Puh leeseee”, I moaned incoherently into the sheets.

“Please what baby?  Huh?  Tell me what you want.”   He continued to to me plummet my asshole without skipping a beat.

“Why are you fucking me like this?”  My eyes rolled around in my head like marbles as his middle finger found its way to my clitoris.

“You needed this dick baby.  I’m fucking you like this cuz you need it.”

“Please  DON’T  stop”.    I begged while matching his tempo and clamping my ass muscles onto his throbbing dick.   The cat and mouse sex game turned me on.   Both natural born pleasers it was a constant battle between us to see who would climax first.

Mello slapped my ass and gritted his teeth.  “Nah.  I’m not stopping until you give me what I came here for.  Let it go Keema…cum.”

The long awaited release of my orgasm nearly blew me through the roof.   Every nerve ending on my body rippled and shuddered as my juices dripped down onto his testicles.   Following suit, Mello let loose, releasing his semen deep inside of me.   I watched him in silence as his chest heaved up and down.  Married or not he I was happily soul tied with no intentions of ever letting go.  The bell rung as I climbed up on top of him eager to start round two of our love making.


Mello grabbed his work pants and handed me his wallet. “Your delivery guy is quick.  Make sure he has my duck sauce this time.  Tip him good and bring your sexy ass back to bed.”


“I got you babe.”  I peeled out three tens and a five and leaned over to give him a sloppy kiss.  The marinated chaser from both of our juices always turned me on.

“Put some clothes on before I have to come out there and fuck Chu Fay up.”  Mello warned while laughing.

I opened the front door while adjusting my satin robe smitten from the afterglow of our love making.  Never in a million years did I think we would ever come face to face.

“Hi my name is Kim Chambers.”  Kim cracked her knuckles as three women with ski masks hopped out of a tinted black Tahoe with steel bats.

“Romello Chambers is my Father.  My sisters are here on behalf of my Mother.  She looked over my shoulder while pushing her way into the hallway.

“Is he here?  You both have some explaining to do.”



To be continued…



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