The best part of being an Author is the feedback you receive after your book is released. Good or bad, you learn from it all. This past Friday I sat down with the ladies  of Simple Pleasures Book club at Chocolat restaurant located  in Harlem.

We discussed Pearls book one and a hint of the sequel book, Pearls II.  These were not just any ordinary women. They’re grown, articulate, quick thinking divas whom had read my first book AND done their research on little ole  me. At the end of the evening I left that restaurant highly impressed by their wit and candor.

There’s so much power in sisterhood and frank, vulnerable conversation. Especially in a society where lately it appears as if the amount of money in your pocket has more weight than the depths of your soul. I grew up in a generation where we knew the lyrics to songs. We reversed and forwarded our  tapes to jot down the words and debated extensively over underlying meaning behind each song.   Sadly those days are long gone.

While munching  on my breakfast that following Saturday morning I stumbled upon a post on my Facebook timeline. This is verbatim from an female associate that made both of my eyebrows raise:

“At the end of the day the only thing that matters is who makes the most money.”

Well Got damn!  I thought.  She completely flabbergasted me.

Have we forgotten how quickly our financial circumstance can change in the matter of days, hours, sometimes moments?

If your entire being is based upon your net worth how do you determine who you are?

Where is your purpose?

Where is your passion?

What happened to us?  Better yet, how do we fix it?


It’s time for a shift in thought.  We desperately need to get back to what’s important.   Money comes and goes but substance is priceless and everlasting.

There is life outside of the shallowness…






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