Hard Chocolate (The Bonus Chapters)

Chapter 5

My assistant Tamara found me slumped over my desk balling my eyes out.  We both agreed that I was in no shape to do any kind of work.  How could I possibly listen to anyone else’s problems when I couldn’t even figure out my own.  Tamara was a God send. Clearing my calendar for a full month, she set up an immediate appointment for my therapist.  I made a clear and conscious decision years ago that I would never be one of those Psychiatrist to avoid seeking help because of my own ego.   All therapist are wounded healers and this new hand of cards that I was just dealt had definitely wounded me.   How I made it to my parent’s house that evening is still a blur.  I tore the Henry Hudson parkway down trying to get to the gated retirement co-op in Riverdale where they now resided.  I needed answers and I needed them fast. My mother was going to have to explain a few things.  One, why did she tell Damon that I was in Hedonism? Two, When did she plan on telling me ALL of the truth?  Five months had passed since I left Jamaica.  For all I knew he could be dead!

Pulling into the parking garage, I parked my car and took ten quick rescue breaths to calm the exploding anxiety rising in my chest.  I was definitely going to need to blow some steam after this conversation with my Mother.  Scrolling through my phone I searched for the one number that I swore off using and sent a text:

“ It’s Cujo, I’ll be there in about an hour.  Be naked when I get there.”

He responded promptly as I rounded the corner into my Mother’s living room and slammed my pocketbook down onto the glass table.

“I’m always ready for you. Come and get it.”


Chapter 6

The welcoming smile that I was accustomed to vanished as soon as my  Mother read my composure.  Placing the crossword puzzle down she sighed deeply.

“I guess you know.”

“Ma, are you kidding me?  I guess you know?  Is that all you have to say?”  I snatched the worn envelope from my pocketbook and handed it to her.

“Mommy why?  Why would you hold all of this back from me?  Are you trying to give me a damn nervous break down?”

“First off I don’t give a hell how old you think you’re.  Don’t you ever walk in to my home and fucking swear at me!  Watch it Keisha.”

Counting the time when my sister Pauline maxed out her first credit card by purchasing 20 front row concert tickets to see the Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation tour.  This was the second time I heard her swear in anger.  Checking myself I lowered my tone.  I scanned the room in search for my Father.

“Where is Daddy?  Did he know about all of this?  Are you two in on this together?” I asked.

“Your Father is taking nap, and No he doesn’t know anything.   Sit down.  I guess it’s time I tell you everything.”

Taking my blazer off I sat down on the leather sectional and crossed my legs.

“Your Father and I knew from the moment we first met Damon that he was no good for you.  Your Dad thought that you would wise up and eventually move on but I knew it would be hard for you to leave.  A mother always knows their child.”

“What does this have to do with right now?—“, I bluntly interjected.

Her eyes softened, “We can sing and walk together but we can not talk together Keisha.  Let me to finish explaining  and then you can question me okay?”  Nodding my head in silence I allowed her to continue.

“You were so lost and out of place back then. Especially after he contacted you after he had gotten married.  I knew then that he would just continue to string you on forever.  I made some calls, your Uncles followed him home one evening and had very stern exchange of words.  Damon promised that he would never contact you ever again.  He kept his word up until about a year ago.”

I felt like I was in the Matrix, everything that I thought I knew was being twisted into some kind of warped reality.  I had done my fair share of meddling with my own daughters but nothing like this.  It took everything out of me to keep my composure.  My mother shot me a glance with her intense brown eyes and the corners of her mouth tilted down.

“I’m getting old Keisha. I don’t want to leave this world with any regrets.  Damon is dying and I honestly think he wants to try to redeem himself. “

My emotions were mixed and jammed packed together like a pot of hot gumbo.  Anger, hurt, fear, excitement, shock, topped off with a numb state of confusion.  Rubbing my temples to elevate the pounding in my head.  The walls of the room began to feel like they were going to cave in on me.  Grabbing my belongings I kissed my mother on her wrinkled cheek.

“Ma, I have to get out of here.  I’ll call you in a couple of days, I need to figure this all out.”

Clasping her hands together she called after me.  “Keisha where are you going?  Are you going to call Damon?”

Ignoring her I closed the door in silence and made my way to the elevator.  It was time for me to get some clarity.

Chapter 7

They say that a hard head makes a sore bottom and here I was, once again, running back to the past to find answers for the future.  Reaching out to this man  would only cloud my vision but the urgency to get my back dug out over ruled my better judgement.  Tapping lightly on his front door I waited for him to answer.  My pussy thumped, anticipating his touch.  You never forget good dick and I couldn’t wait to get inside behind closed doors so that he could pound the fucking remembrance into me.

The door swung open and my knees almost buckled.  My Ex- Husband Rick Prescout glared intensely at me and then gave me that mega watt smile that always creamed my panties.

Grabbing me by my ass he kissed me on my lips and toyed with my hard nipple. “You said an hour Killer Cujo…what took you so long?”

Rick was my first husband and the Father of both my girls.  We probably would have still been happily married if I had not ruined things.  We met while I was a sophomore in college, he worked in the cafeteria as a line cook.

Word on the street was that he had just come home from being locked up.  With one eye on his bulging muscles and the other zeroed in on his dick print, I just had to have him.  I wanted to rush things and get my freak on immediately but he slowed me down and made me wait.

Rick challenged my mind and uplifted me, he taught me how to play chess and took me to see plays and live jazz bands.  Monetarily he had nothing when we met but the love and respect that he showered me with was priceless.  He named me “Cujo” after the killer dog from the Steven King Novel because I killed our happiness.

Before he divorced me the told me that he had fought with all of his might to keep our family together but he was tired of me pushing him away and doing things to keep us apart.

Unbuttoning my silk blouse he grabbed the lapels on my blazer and yanked me into his foyer.

“You missed Daddy huh?  I knew you’d be back?”

Moaning into his neck I nibbled on his earlobe while he unloosed my belt and  pulled my pants to my knees. Sex had never been a problem with us.  We fucked like rabbits while we together that’s probably how we ended up with our daughters. Born nearly a year to the day apart, Savannah and Sophie were Irish twins.

“Do you want me to take everything off?  Are you ready for this dick?”  He stuck his tongue inside of my ear, teasing me with the promise of what would happen when he removed my clothes.

“Yes please take them off.  I’m so ready for your dick Damon.  I love you so much!”

Rick’s back stiffened.  “What the fuck did you just call me?”

There was no way I was getting out of this one.  I had fucked up once again.

“I’m sorry babe, It just slipped—“

Shoving the pile of clothes at me rick cut me off before I could even finish. He shook his head and smirked.

“Same ole same ole huh?  Do us both a favor put your clothes on and get out.  That nigger is going to be the death of you.”

Unable to meet his eyes I quickly pulled my clothes on and slumped my way back to his driveway.   What a way to end the night.


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