Hard Chocolate

Chapter 1

I believe that each of us encounters a once in a life time love that you just can’t shake.    It’s normally the person who took you for granted, used you up and treated you like the lowest form of shit.  Damon Cox was my unshakable. They should have named him “Demon Cox” because his antics kept me in prayer.  He stepped foot into my life almost two decades ago.  From day one he was the jones in the bones that just wouldn’t go away.  Seven years my senior he was light years ahead of me mentally and sexually.  Damon was drop dead gorgeous with the dick of life.   I was destined for destruction with that combo.

Fresh out of high school and smelling myself I decided to skip college for a little bit and get a full-time gig.  My parents tried their hardest to persuade me to finish up with my education but I wasn’t having it.  Stubborn, flighty and naive, you couldn’t tell me shit.  I promised them that I would only take one year off.  I wanted to get my own place, travel and party. Reluctantly they agreed, with their blessings and $2500 from my savings.  I moved out of their spacious loft in Tribeca into a closet sized shit hole located in the heart of the hood on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.  No rules, no curfew, I loved every inch of it!

I worked the evening shift as a stock girl in the shoe department at Loehmans in lower Manhattan.  The pay was fair and the hours were great.  I was able to party all night if I wanted and still have time to drag myself back into work the following day.   My co-worker Nicole introduced me to Damon, he was her favorite cousin and he lived in Philly, she raved about him constantly. Nicole would ride out to hang with her family in Chester Philadelphia almost every weekend. She returned back to work on Monday full of stories completely amped up.

“Keisha, you have to come drive down with me one weekend.  Last week we went to the Roots picnic.  That shit was banging!  Gurl it was like a candy store out there.  You would’ve had your pick of the litter.”

She caught my attention with that one, I loved the Roots.  Black Thought was one of my favorite rappers.  “Word it’s like that?  That sounds hot.”  I responded while cutting open the card board boxes and unloading the new inventory.

“I’m telling you Keisha. You should come out this weekend.  I really want you to meet my cousin.”

“I don’t know too much about out of state dudes Nicky. It’s not like I can just up and get on the A train if I want to get out of dodge and leave.”  I told her skeptically.

Nicole placed barcodes on the new box of shoes and continued to plead her case. “Just come for one day.  We can stay at my Aunt Ida’s house. She’s a sweet heart.  I wouldn’t take you to no bullshit Keesh.  Trust me I got you.”

I waived my pointer finger at her while enunciating her name. “One day Nicole, and I mean one. If I get any bad vibes I swear to God I’m out. I don’t care how late it is you will be driving me home immediately!”


Nicole smiled widely and enthusiastically clapped her hands together, “Philly is going to have you wide open.”   Little did I know how much those words would ring true.


The first time I laid eyes on Damon I was awestruck.  He was everything and then some.  Smooth Hershey colored chocolate skin, full manicured beard, solid weight and fly as ever.   He stood six foot even but his sexual swagger made him appear to be at least ten feet.   I was in love with him before he even said one word to me.  Nicole nudged me on my shoulder and introduced us.

“Cuzo this is my girl Keisha from work that I have been telling you about.  Keisha this is my favorite cousin Damon.”

Damon sized my killer curves up and down and silently eye ball fucked me.  Although Philadelphia was only a two-hour drive from New York he had a slight southern drawl that moistened my panties instantly.

“Oh yeah this is the jawn you been telling me about.”  He slowly slid the toothpick that was on the side of his mouth from one side to the other while setting my soul on fire. “Damn cuz you said she was pretty but I wasn’t expecting all of this.  Shorty is a stallion.”

I shyly stuck my hand out and mumbled something that sounded like a hello.  I was raw and outspoken, this was completely out of character for me.  Up until then I had only dealt with men around my age.  They were wild and all over the place.  His aura was laid back and unique, it captivated me.

Damon grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms while squeezing me seductively. “I like tight hugs baby.  You look and feel so sweet”. Inhaling a whiff of his expensive creed cologne, I buried my face into his linen shirt and thanked the heavens that I had shaved my pussy and manicured my feet.  I was already trying to think of ways to ditch Nicole to slide off  to be alone with him.

Nicole must have picked up on our unspoken chemistry because she beat me to the punch. “Aunt Ida wants me to run her to the mall for a little bit.  Are you cool with staying with Dame until for a bit?”

When I gave her the thumbs up his dick hardened on my stomach to greet me.  I don’t think they even made it to the highway before he had me bent over, gripping the railing on the staircase in his Aunt’s house while the head of his dick kissed my cervix hello and drilled slow circles inside of me.  This was the beginning of my end.


Chapter 2

The next two years were a cluster of mind blowing sex and heart breaking lows.   He played games with my mind and kept me on a constant emotional roller coaster. I thought about him morning, noon and night. My relationship with Nicole was now shattered.  She generally cared for me and tried her best to introduce me to other guys.   I guess she had enough of all of the tears because she began to pull away and distance herself from me.  We barely spoke at work.

I lived and breathed for this man.  I gave him any and everything.  I wanted to keep him happy but he never reciprocated it. Damon was emotionally unavailable, arrogant and passive aggressive but he kept me dick drunk and that was the only thing that mattered to me. I spent the week blowing up his phone at all hours of the night and spent my every weekend on the train trying to get to him.  My Father couldn’t stand him.  He knew he that he was no good for me.  My Mother tried a new tactic, bless her heart. Worried because of all of late night train riding, she purchased a small car for me and made me promise to drive safely.  I was elated.  I ran that car into the ground!

The shit hit the fan hard and fast when I became pregnant.  I broke the news to him after a long passionate night of love making.  This baby would finally bring us together the way I needed us to be.  Damon looked me square in the eye without blinking and said four words that shattered my heart, “Get rid of it.”

Crushed and embarrassed I aborted the baby and decided to finally move on with my life.  I erased his number, grieved the heartbreak and finally returned back to a sense of normalcy.  Pain has a beautiful way of fueling the soul.  I channeled all of my hurt into bettering myself.  I enrolled into college and received my Master’s degree in Psychology.  Just when I thought that I was on the right path the devil came out of hiding and rocked my world once again.

Damon found me on Myspace and with one inbox I was back on the highway speeding my hot ass down the turnpike like a bat out of hell.  I rode his dick like a seasoned jockey and sucked every drop of cum out of him until he was weak in the knees.  I just knew we could make it work this time.  He let me know while walking me to my car the next afternoon that he was married, with two sons, his family was on a vacation in Disney world and that we needed to keep our little meet ups discrete.  I upper cut him in the nuts and left him hunched over in the parking lot while I cried my heart out back home to New York.  I swore him off for good this time, finally.

The years went by slow and all of a sudden very fast.  I now had my doctorate degree and a flourishing practice.  Twice divorced with grown children of my own who were now in college. My time was now balanced between helping my now aging parents and traveling to exotic locations whenever I had the chance to get away.  Taking the bull by the horn I decided to live out one of my fantasies.  I paid for first class flight to Hedonism in Jamaica and booked a room on the “Nude” side of the lavish sexual retreat.  It was time for me to live out my wildest dreams.

The three-hour flight went by smoothly without a hitch and before I knew it my personal driver collected my luggage and whisked me away to my destination.  I couldn’t wait to get my back blown out.  My girlfriends had been telling me for years about the abundance of long dicked Jamaican men who were willing to cater to your every want and need.  I planned on smoking an abundance of weed and getting my pussy licked from sun up to sun down.  Hell, I was even willing and ready to try a little kitty if I saw something that tempted me.  I was fifty and fabulous.  With no fucks given it was time for me to do me.


Chapter 3

Laying on sand without a care in the world, my legs were spread from June to November while a petite, square shaped Jewish lady lavished on my pussy and licked the hell out of me.  She wasn’t entirely my type but her younger husband was hot and they had been riding my coat tail since I checked in.  In all of my years I had never been with a white man. My curiosity got the best of me so I decided to give them a go.  I knew that sponge bob square pants wasn’t letting up on any of that sweet meat without being involved in the action. They took turns licking my pussy from front to back, surprisingly the wife was much better.  With one finger in my ass and another in my vagina she moaned hard and swallowed my cum while I fucked her face like there was no tomorrow.   Her husband stood over us and jerked off, I guess watching her between my legs turned him on.  Patting her on the head I mouthed thank you and excused myself.  I could tell the husband wanted me to return the favor and pleasure his wife but I was unwilling to go there.  They had served their purpose and I was on the mission for something new.

Dusting the sand off of my ass I grabbed my shades and tied my coral sarong around my waist and walked back to the bar topless.  People were free fucking everywhere.  Young, old, and everything in between it was going down.  This was like a new improved Caligula.   I ordered a Bahama mama and watched a short Hispanic dude with a very hefty dick take turns slow stroking two middle aged black women.  From the sounds they were making he must have been destroying them.  I wanted in on the action.  Downing my drink, I unwrapped my sarong and headed towards their direction.

“You still look the same after all of these years.”

I knew that voice like the back of my hand. It was the same voice that built me up and broke me down so many times.  I turned around and stood face to face with my kryptonite, the one who destroyed my world.  Stark naked and dick swinging the love of my life was now here in front of me.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”  I asked him while seething in anger.  You would think after all of this time that I would have forgiven him and moved on.

“It’s good to see you baby.  Really good to see you.”  Reaching for my hand he tried to kiss me on my cheek.

“Get the fuck off of me.  Where is your wife and your fucking kids? Where are they this time? Great adventures or Rye playland?” I asked him sarcastically before turning away from him.  Seething, I stormed back towards my room.  Why was he here?  Why now?

I lived my life abundantly, both of my husbands were great men but I was unable to give them all of me.  They tried their hardest but my love affair with Damon created cement walls around my heart that were impenetrable.  The experience with him ruined me for life.

Damon followed behind me and continued to speak. “I’m not married any more.  My wife died years ago.  My kids are grown.  I actually have two grand kids now.  Keisha I was young and stupid. I know I did you wrong.  You didn’t deserve that.”

My eyes began to fill with tears.  I took off like Flo-jo and bolted to my room.  There was no way I was going to allow him strip me of my dignity once again.  I needed to get away from him.  The adult fifty -year old felt pity for him but the twenty-year old inside of me was screaming “fuck your dead wife and your peasy head grand babies.” Damon chased me up the stairs and cornered me while I struggled to slide my key into the front door.

“Please don’t cry Keisha.  Give me a chance to explain.  I never forgot about you.  I can’t even believe that you’re here now.”  I looked deeply into his eyes and for the first time since I laid eyes on him I felt and saw a side that I had never  witnessed before, hurt and regret.  Sliding down the door I sobbed relentlessly.



Chapter 4

I invited Damon into my room, we ordered room service and spent the rest of the evening catching each other up to speed on everything that had transpired within our lives.  He told me that his wife left him and remarried his cousin, my old friend Nicole.  Smirking I smiled from the inside, karma was a mother fucker.  We laughed, cried and listened in silence to each other stories.  Completely in the nude this was the most transparent this man had ever been with me.  Surprisingly sex was the furthest thing from the agenda.   When the sun rose Damon gave me a quick hug, wrote down his room number and made him promise that I would explore the “Prude” side of the resort. This was the side for the fully dressed couples.  He told me that he wanted to just spend some quality time truly getting to know me.

As tempting as it was I decided that I would cut my vacation short. The closure was great but I was emotionally drained and my buzz was ruined.  I checked out bright and early the next morning while nervously peeping over my shoulder.  I knew if I laid eyes on Damon again it would be done. The front desk clerk slid me a sealed envelope and bid me a farewell.  Stuffing the envelope into my passport, I sighed with relief as my driver exited paradise.

The next couple of months went by like a blur. I was back to my regular routine again.  My practice was now expanding to a second location.  My evenings were spent checking in on my parents and during the day I would face time and text my children. I never forgot about that encounter with Damon.  A part of me regretted not being able to give him a proper Goodbye but hell he had been slamming doors on me decades. I closed my eyes and kicked the heels up on my desk.  I was proud of myself.  Enough was enough, I was finally free.

My assistant Tamara entered my office jarring me from my daydream.

“Sorry to wake you Ms. Prescout but this is for you.  It must have slipped behind your desk.  I’m out front if you need me for anything.”

She paused for a momentarily and gave me a thoughtful look before closing the door.  I opened the envelope and began to read the words to myself in shock.


          I knew that you would leave before I was able to see you again.  I don’t blame you either baby.  I’ve spent the last ten years of my life trying to gain up enough courage to reach out to you and make things right. I wanted to call  so many times but I never gained up enough courage to do so.   You were special from the door baby girl.  You were honestly too good for me. I didn’t realize your value until you were long gone, nobody has ever loved me the way you did.  If I had one wish I would turn back time and make things right from the beginning.   Unfortunately time is beginning to run out on me.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 Leukemia.  My doctors have given me a year to live…if that. I reached out to your Mother and begged and pleaded with her to tell me where you would be.  She was the one who told me you would be in Hedonism. I came there looking for you. Please don’t be too mad at her.  It decided to skip the chemo and live the last of my days to the fullest.   I don’t have much time but if you will have me.  I would like to give my all and everything to you.  Please give me a final chance to make things right.  Here is a list of all of my contact information.  Please call me.  I love you, I truly do.

Will you marry Me?

Forever yours Damon..


To be continued…..

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