I can recall a conversation that I had with my Aunt once we were discussing how she would put her dates into different categories. Platinum, gold, silver and bronze.

“I treat people the way they treat me. You give me platinum treatment and I will return the favor. Everyone doesn’t get to be in your inner most circle. Choose the people who are closest to you wisely”.

It’s vital to put people into categories because if you don’t you can be overwhelmed with different types of toxic energy. Examples of toxic people: Whiners, guilt trippers, naysayers, opportunist, liars, thieves, dishonest, mean spirited, envious, the nosey troll and my favorite one of all…the leech. Leeches are the worst their primary function is to drain you of everything you have. They size you up and snatch your soul before you even realize it’s gone.

Please be careful with who you invest your time and space with. Prioritize your circle. Protect your energy.

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