And Intimate Evening of Erotic Tales & Seduction with Hope McGill

Tonight get ready, for one juicy conversation. Tonight on Erotic Talk Radio, we’re going to get into self love. Knowing our worth and accepting our sensual bodies, and loving who we are. From the color of our skins, to the curves of our hips. Tonight we’re going to learn how to explore our sexuality. And we’re going to discuss this with our special guest, Hope McGill. Hope is the author of book, Pearls. A story about a sexy bachelor from Harlem, who is particular about who he welcomes into his world he keeps most at bay. A relaxing night and an open window leads to an unexpected interest in his seductive, voluptuous neighbor. Allured by her confidence and delightful proportions, Pearl is everything that Victor desires. Now if you want to know if he settles forever being a voyeur, or if the voyeur becomes the one who is being watched, you’ll have to stay tuned. That or by the book at:

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