A friend sent me a inbox this morning and asked a very important question,

How do you accomplish your dreams when you are battling with depression?

My response,

You have to encourage yourself and push through it…keep swimming.  At this point I have way too much vested to even contemplate stopping. 

There’s a song that I play when I need a boost in the right direction.  “Encourage yourself”  by Donald Lawrence and The Tri-City Singers.  You have to speak victory over your life and claim what is destined to be yours.    Words have power utilize them!

I was gifted these two great books, “The Art Of Activation” by Lucinda Cross and 24 visionary women.  This book is the perfect tool for any woman who needs a boost of encouragement.

The second book  “TOTM,  The Time Of The Month (the ultimate period planner)  by Val Carey is a must have for those who suffer with PCOS which can also affects your hormones, menstrual cycles and mood swings.

Please add them both to your collection the next time you are on Amazon.

Speak over yourself, encourage yourself, you are your own everything!




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