I love to see my friends and family happy. Especially the ones who have gone through some rough storms. It’s a complete rush for me to watch someones entire world turn around for the better.

New marriage
Loving relationship
Prosperous Business
Taking a leap
Finally saying fuck it and meaning it
A baby
New hobby
Living in the moment…taking time to smell the roses
Forgiving someone completely and moving on
Standing up for yourself
Digging to your core to find to answers
Healing: Mentally, physically,financially and spiritually
Trying something new
Making a mistake and learning from it
New House, new car, new shoes…hell one new sock!
Finishing school
Going back to school

The best one of all; Becoming comfortable in your own skin.

I salute you all for having the courage to try a new path. It may start off being uncomfortable but it always turns into something great.

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