The right book will change your thought process and shift your entire reality.  The first time I picked up “The Secret” I was blown away.   The theory of being able to have anything you desired as long as you spoke it into existence  seemed like a unrealistic fantasy.
“It probably won’t work”, the cynical side of me boasted.
“Try it and see”, the small optimistic voice whispered while peeking over my shoulder to see.

That one book opened up all kinds of closed doors and uncharted territories for me. Over the year’s the optimistic voice has become the greater of the two. Vision boards, daily positive affirmations, self help books on positive thoughts and self discovery. Constant reminders every where. Post it notes and scribbled list. Even my bathroom mirror would occasionally be covered in bold black ink from my sharpie.
My son thought that I was crazy at first. “Why do you have all of these notes all over the place? How am I suppose to see my face in the mirror?” He would ask.
“I put this stuff up because I need to read it. I want to SEE these word’s before I see me.” It took him some time to get it but he eventually stopped questioning me about it. He started making his own list joining along with me.

Speak greatness into your world. Beat yourself over the head daily with positive affirmations. Remind yourself of how great you are. Spend time in silence filtering out those negative thoughts. Discard them! You don’t need anything negative in your ear.

You will become what you believe yourself to be.

Be kind to yourself…

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