Turn on your light..

I searched for peace and contentment for a very long time. Thought I would find it in material possessions. Looked for contentment from men,  didn’t find it there either. When I reached my rock bottom my light began to shine.  When my back was completely up against the wall with no place to run, no …

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Cutting Ties

Not everyone around you is meant to follow you on your journey. People come and they go. We grow up, we grow out, we evolve. At some point all of us will have to cut the dead weeds and allow new life to spring up around us. Know when to cut those ties. Holding on …

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it’s no comparison

Often time’s we get caught up in what we perceive beauty to be. You see the perfect hair, perfect body, perfect face, perfect teeth and automatically believe that person has it all. How many of us have met people with all of this and as soon as they open their mouth up to speak you …

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Perfectly Imperfect

I have always loved to read. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that I would write books or blog for that matter. I enjoy curling up on the couch, folding the pages down,sniffing that “new book” scent and becoming absorbed in someone else’s fantasy. I have always been a chain reader. …

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My get up and go song

Every woman deserves to be looked at like she’s the apple of her man’s eye. If he treats like you are anything less than a star, he isn’t for you. Don’t settle. The only tears you should have are from mind blowing sex

My Kind of Woman

The early morning sun caused Q to squint his eyes to block the glare out. He adjusted the heavy duffel bag on his shoulder and headed up 145th street on his way home. Tired and mentally drained from work he could not wait to jump in the hot shower and relax. There has to be …

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