For the record,I am no expert, nor am I trying to be!
So take these word’s with a grain of salt…

I think that I am going to have to start doing dating podcasts. I get inboxed from both male and female single friends who are looking for a good match. I was able to hook two people up that are now happily married. I kind of just have a feel for who might work together.

Some of you are really crazy and have some serious issues. I’m crazy too so I feel you on your crazy but my crazy is transparent.
A lot of ya’ll are running around with masks on but the real people see through it.

Here are some things you should NOT do:
This list is for the WOMEN:

if you’re a woman that is searching for a good man. Stop making yourself too available. Don’t comment on his pictures and say things like “Wow I would sure love to lap his balls until they run dry”. Lapping balls is fine but unless your looking for a quick lay. Keep those things to yourself.

Please stop posting things like “I’m horny or I just masturbated for 3 hours straight.” Okay once again…we all get horny and we all love to masturbate. Sex is beautiful but when men see this they start reading with their penis. Everything else you say or do goes out the window. They really don’t need to know that your how you pussy snaps back or how wet your throat is. Let him find that out in time. Men love a challenge…not a chase but a challenge. Meaning they want a woman with substance that stands for something. Fat asses and small waist are bonuses but they don’t hold any solid weight.

The overly critical, argumentative type, the break a man down type, the I don’t need a man type, the jealous of other women type, the ones who require a man to have everything together but are fucked up. A lot of you are running around here looking like line backers, with 8 layers of makeup on your face making outlandish demands. Get real.

This list is for the MEN:

Please have teeth in your mouth, or at least a good set of dentures. You need to be gainfully employed. Your place of living, car, insurance should all be in your own name. Women need stability…not a liability.

Confidence is very important…please don’t confuse cockiness with confidence. Confidence is worn quietly. It’s how you move in the room, the things you do or don’t say. Cockiness is the overly hyper alpha male that brags to toot their own horn. Real women see this as a sign of weakness. We really want and need for you to shut the fuck up and stop bragging.

If you know your shit is not together…please get it together first before you pull someone into your world of madness.

This list is for both sexes. If you have children, make sure there is no drama with the child’s Mother or Father. Your exes should already be in check. Which means you shouldn’t be sleeping with them or leading them on. Cut the emotional ties before you add a new person to your equation.

Please be emotionally available, nobody has time to play any games, be willing to be show transparency, honestly is highly respected by both sexes! Be willing to have fun. You should be well conversed and laid back. Don’t take life too seriously.

Some ya’ll think too deep… You wanna know a persons credit score, dick size, number of sex partners up front. Chill the hell out!

Go out with the intention to have a good time.

Enjoy 🙂

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